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Just call me Pammy

There are some things I never thought I would do – and getting my boobs out at work was one of those things…I mean, not even in my younger, get drunk at office party days did I do that. In fact I did not get them out in public EVER!  Not even on topless beaches.  I am a very conservative girl as far as that goes. 

So, I swore I would NOT be one of those woman that breastfed in public.  I was not sure what I would do if my child was hungry but whipping them out was not on the agenda.  I stated this loudly… and frequently.  I think that was the first on my list of “things I said I would never do before I had kids” to bite the dust! 

Well, back to getting my baps out at work – I am going to try and continue breastfeeding Baby OL exclusively until she is 6 months old. And that means that I need to express at work.  Hummm awkward!  Luckily our business has two floor, but only one of those is occupied so I can go to the second floor and sit in an empty office – or as I have been doing this week – in the board room.  It just feels WEIRD sitting in the boardroom boobs out and all.  But, I have turned one of the chairs to face the window, open the blinds and sit in the sun, quite pleasant actually.  Thankfully there are no tall buildings in the vicinity or somebody in one of the adjacent offices might get quite an eyeful.  Actually our IT guy nearly got an eyeful yesterday.  He walked into the boardroom.  Yikes, luckily I put a chair in front of the door and was facing the window.  He was still rather embarrassed.  I now put a Do NOT ENTER sign on the door.

7 thoughts on “Just call me Pammy

  1. LOL. I’m guessing you don’t have a dedicated office which you could lock while you express? Bumummer! It’s interesting how some things go out the window when you have a kid:-)

  2. DS – I do have a office, it even has a door which locks. Unfortunately it also has huge internal windows on 3 sides and no blinds or curtains…..

    Cat – wow, 9 months! For Twins! Dedication. I don’t plan on going for that long. Probably just another month and a bit. Until she is 6 months. But we will see closer to the time.

  3. LOL….that is so funny…i cant even imagine how embarrassed your male work colleague must be feeling 🙂

    By the way I am loving your toys!!! Next time I’m in PE…so stopping by!

  4. Well done for going the extra mile to breastfeed exclusively. I’m all for it, she said from the safety of childless existence.

    Yes, a do-not-disturb sign is probably best.

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