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My lovable guard dog.

My German Shepherd is turning into a very good guard dog.  He has become very protective of me.  He always has been a bit but seems to be getting more so lately. 

I could never take him to the vet or any place like that because he protects me if anyone comes close, he is fine if Mr OL takes him though.  Even when he was a puppy he did not like it if somebody – like our gardener came close to me.  However this week he has taken it to new levels.  We have had some people working in our back garden paving – yes, we have finally given up on grass – the dogs have just run tracks in it. Well back to the workers, they have been there all week and the dogs have been fine, until this morning. I walked outside to talk to the workers to tell them to stop ringing my doorbell a million times a day.  Duke went mad, barking and going for them. He didn’t bite them, but did let them know that he was not happy.  As soon as I walked back inside he stopped and sat down as if nothing was wrong.  A few minutes later I thought I would try again and he did it again.  I just stepped out the back door and he would go for them, I would step back inside and he would stop.  It was actually quite funny – well, from my point of view it was.  He does stop if I tell him to, but seeing as they have been ringing my doorbell and waking the baby all day for the past week I thought I would let them stew a bit.  Also I am not adverse to people knowing we have a vicious dog on the premises.  I had a gardener working here over the weekend and it was actually Daisy that decided to tell him she was also a guard dog, and when she starts then Duke starts, but as soon as I told them to stop they did.  I needed to actually speak to him during the day so could not have them attacking him every time I wanted to tell him to do something. 

So would you be upset if your dogs were this protective of you, or would you be quite happy?  Obviously if they did not stop when I told them to I would be very upset about it, but seeing as they stand down when told I am actually rather pleased.

What, me? Vicious - NEVER!

5 thoughts on “My lovable guard dog.

  1. LOL! I don’t think I would mind if my little shih tzu was this protective; as long as she stopped when I told her to! Unfortunately, she would lick a thief, so I’m not holding my breath for her protective nature to come out soon.

    Are your dogs always this protective, or only with these particular workers? Is it something about them in particular that is causing the concern to your pets?

  2. I think it’s lovely your dog is protective of you. I wish Edward was a bit a bit protective. Silly dog that he is, he LOVES everyone, and greets them with wagging tail and jumps up and down and welcomes them:-).

  3. FoxyFido – they are not always this protective, but it has been more lately. Maybe because of the baby? And no, it is not just specifically these workers because they have become protect around the gardners as well. As long as they stop when I tell them too I am happy though.

    DS – Once they get to know a person they are pretty lovable too, most of the time people think they are all soppy as they just lick. With us you would never think they could even bare their teeth.

    Hanlie – she might surpise you. One of my friends has a dog that is really lovable and a reall scardy cat, but they one time she felt somebody was threating my friend she went for him. We were all really surprised.

    Cat – thank you.

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