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Ouch, why don’t we work on the ground floor?

Wow, that was fun and tough and beautiful and tough!  I am aching in places I did not really know I had places. 

I think the race was only about 10km but was about 95% on hiking trails.  It took me 1hour31, the slowest I have ever done 10km.  It was really beautiful, although some of the hills were so steep in places that I went down them on my bottom, but then I am really bad at down hills.  I did realise at the time that what goes down must go up and wow, it had me clinging to branches of trees praying they were stingy and wishing I had my hiking poles with me.  But thankfully there was only one section like that.  The rest was a bit more undulating.  

It was run at a private school, Woodridge, just outside Port Elizabeth that has the most amazing campus.  I was so happy just to be doing something again.  And I did not come last!!!!  

It would be nice if there were more trail runs done in our area, I really enjoyed it. There is another one in 2 weeks time in the same area, but they said it is going to be tougher….. Yikes, I think I might be busy that day.

4 thoughts on “Ouch, why don’t we work on the ground floor?

  1. I agree. It would be awesome to have more trail runs around here. The only problem is that you need the runners to stay on the trail and not make their own. It would be great having a run down the Baakens Valley from say 3rd Ave through Settlers Park.

  2. FF – they do have some trail runs in the valley. The were organised by Triangle Sports (Ironman) but they were so expensive that I am not sure how many people actually participated. I could not justify paying R100 for a 8km race. Not when the price of a normal road race is more like R30. It is a pity though as it would be really nice to do.

    Cat – thanks.

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