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Getting my own back….

Is it wrong to take a perverse pleasure in doing something that you know somebody else is going to hate???? 

The company I work for is growing quickly and they now need to put more controls and procedures in place.  That has been left to me.  Thankfully I love rules and regulations.  I like procedures and things must be done right.  For example, I have never had a parking ticket, I would just NEVER park somewhere where I am not supposed to and I get stressed when I see people doing it.  If there is a sign that says to stand behind the line then I will stand behind the line.  I know that not all people are like that, in fact, I know that people like that are few and far between.  

So you can imagine that when I was asked to draw up checklists, put procedures in place and set up controls I was a happy girl. Especially when I realised that the person who will be most affected by my controls is the person who will resist them

the most. And this person is also the one that said something that I had not comeback to a few weeks ago. So a perverse pleasure….. I had no comeback to his rudeness a few weeks ago, but now….hee hee hee!  Every little checkbox I create on my lists brings smile to my face.


3 thoughts on “Getting my own back….

  1. I am exactly like you – Miss Procedures! And the company I’ve just joined is totally lacking in that department, with the result that I’m in heaven, since I have carte blanche to change things the way I want.

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