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I better start saving!

Why is it that before sewing was what you did if you could not afford to buy your clothes?  It worked out cheaper.  Now you need to have money to sew.  Seems like it has gone from something you did out of necessity to something you do for a expensive hobby. 

Before you even begin to look at material, which is not cheap, you need to buy a sewing machine – holy crap!  You can buy a lap top cheaper – in fact my first car was cheaper! And I was not even looking at the top of the range, more like middle to bottom. 

I have been lucky enough to use my mom’s old sewing machine but figured if I am going to be sewing this much I really should get my own.  So today when I took it in for a service I asked for quotes.  Lets put it this way – my mom is not going to be getting her machine back for a quite a while. 

What I have decided I am going to try and do is put the money I get from selling my Whachumacallits into a “Sewing Machine Fund”  it was supposed to be my “I’m going ½ day Fund” but looks like that is going to have to wait.


5 thoughts on “I better start saving!

  1. Its unbelievable what they cost. My wife invested in one a couple of years ago and I nearly fell on my back. But its for a good cause. How are the Whachumacallits selling?

  2. Sewing machines are an investment. But is you plan on using them, then there is really no problem. The problem comes in when you invest and then it collects dust.

    There are many starter machines that don’t require a huge investment. And are a good place to start if you aren’t sure how much sewing you plan on doing.

    Before buying, I suggest you make a list. A list of what type of sewing you plan on doing, then a list of what features you must have on your machine. Then what features you would like (sort of a wish list). Next set a budget of what you can afford or what you want to spend.

    The next step is go test drive every machine you can find, try them and ask questions about the dealer. The dealer is as important as the machine. Because if you don’t have support/service or someone to call when you have questions, you will become frustrated and not use it. That would just be a waste.

    Sewing can be addictive, fun and yes expensive. But it can also be good for your health as it is relaxing and has proven to lower your blood pressure! (as long as you don’t look at the price!) LOL

  3. Hi Chris, thanks for the advice. I have kind of figured out which machine I want. My mom has had her Elna for 40 years and it is still going strong and is the machine that I use at the moment.

    I do a fair bit of sewing so yes, it would be an investment – hopefully. If it lasts for the next 40 years then it defintly will be.

    I am going to skip on the starter machine, because I know I would want to up grade fairly shortly so will keep using my mom’s until I can afford the one that I want.

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