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Gautrain! Awesome

I was in Jo’burg on business yesterday, it was fun.  I got to catch the Gautrain from the airport and back!  Boy was I impressed.  It was clean, fast and efficient.  It was worth flying up there just to catch the train.  

My only problem….  the escalators at the Sandton station!  Holy cow they have dug a deep hole in the ground.  The platform of the station is a long way from the surface and while catching the esculators up you get quite a good idea of how deep.  You can see all the way down.  Not good when you have a slight fear of heights.  I was beginning to get rather stressed near the top.  On the way back I thought I would be smart and catch the lift…. That was fine until we started to descend and I realised the doors were glass…. Yikes, I had my eyes shut the whole way down. 

Please excuse quality of these photos.  I took them from my phone.

Gautrain - interior