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And I can’t even blame porridge brain any more.

URGH!!! I am having a blonde moment at work and it is driving me insane! 

The IT guy at work set up a new email account for me and I can’t remember the username.  I can remember the password, I wrote that down incase I forgot it, but username…. NOPE. 

I am a Dunce!

There are only so many variations I can try and I think I have exhausted them.  Infact I think it might have already blocked me.  I had to phone the IT guy to ask him. And he can’t remember either…. Oops.  He is going to have to come in and have a look on the system and unblock it if it is blocked.  Yes, and to make matters worse we use an external IT company so it is not as if he can just wonder on down the passage….

EDITED TO ADD: I was being even more stupid than I thought!!!!  I had the right username, but I was forgetting to press shift to get to the # sign so was using 3 instead.  URGH!!!! DOFF.