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The real me?

I often wonder what other people’s perception of you is, and how it compares to what you see. 

I think I have blogged about this before, and something Shayne said regarding Fiona Coyne’s suicide made me think of it again. 

How many people see or know the real you?  Do you blog about the real you, or how much stuff do you leave out.  Do you only write the happy stuff? 

For me I guess, I first think of how it will affect the person that I am blogging about and then only post it or delete it.  There are a lot of times when I am bursting to write something but don’t because it will affect somebody in my life negatively.  Like if Mr OL and I have a disagreement, or I am unhappy or something.  I don’t write that.  I do however have a sister that I can lean on and a very good friend that listens.  So I guess they see the real me – the happy and the unhappy. 

Other than that I guess my blog is a pretty good representation of me.  I am an ordinary girl living an ordinary life, with ordinary problems.  I do like to think that I live my life to the fullest though and if that I will have no regrets or wish that I had done more when I die. 

I am feeling rather frustrated at the moment, but the thing I keep reminding myself is that yes, I might die today but there might also be a tomorrow.  I don’t have to try and do everything right now.  I don’t have to climb Mount Elbrus next year; I could do that when Kaylin is slightly older.  I don’t have to run every race I want to right now.  My mom is still running and she is 65.  I probably have time.  And if I don’t – oh well.  I have done quite a bit of stuff already.  And, although I am feeling very frustrated I am also loving spending time with Kaylin. She is growing so fast and if it is toss up between going for a run or spending time with her, she wins hands down.

3 thoughts on “The real me?

  1. I agree with you in this one. I am also very frustrated at the moment. At work, at home and not getting into Survivor SA. I went for the auditions cause I would always have though “what if” if I didn’t, but in general its a case of there is still time to do anything. But then I always wonder about will tomorrow ever come. People always say you have to do it today, but there is so much I would like to do but can’t cause the kids are small. Well I can, but then I am taking away from them being it time or money for something. Oh man, now I don’t know anymore. I think I need a holiday to get mu head together.

  2. FF – it does not help when friends keep sending me info on stuff they know I would like to do. Lets rephrase – that I would LOVE to do. I guess at the moement it is all about priorities. What is more important and Kaylin wins. But then I also think, she needs a mom that does stuff. That shows her that getting out there and living is important. Although she is a bit young to get that at the moment. I was really hoping you would get through with Survior. I tried to enter last time but did not make it. I would have been the first one offering to share the lift if she had been a bit older.

  3. Thank you for your comment on my post about the job…I am nearly 100% there on my decision and will post when I’ve decided and told everyone 🙂

    I am 100% honest on my blog however, there are things I don’t blog about because I don’t believe they should be discussed on the internet (marriage and what goes on in it 😉 for example)

    P.S. I’m originally from PE! I may get down there in Dec actually

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