8 thoughts on “Feeding photos!

  1. She is so gorgeous. Hope the introduction of other new foods this week goes well. Once she likes a few then you can make a mash of them all for her ie b/nut, s potatoe, brocolli etc and before you know it she’ll be a vege addict – my little one adores her veges.

  2. Lauren G – Thank you

    Laura – thanks, I have to stop myself from squeezing her cheeks. So they just get kisses all the time.

    Kirsty – I have to stop myself all the time. She does not like it….

    Shayne – yip, today she is having butternut (new food) in the morning and then sweet potato and rice mix in the afternoon.

    Hanlie – I know, I can’t believe how fast it has gone.

    FF – yes, and thankfully we have the photos. So cute. I jsut wish I had had video this weekend. We tried her on guava and she did not like it at all. Very funny.

    Cat – that did not last for very long.

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