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Worth it in the end

I am a lucky girl. 

Mr OL has been very good about cooking since Baby OL was born.  Let’s put it this way, he figured he had better cook otherwise nobody in the family would be eating.  Thank goodness it is something he enjoys doing. 

In fact he enjoys it so much that he has decided to do an amateur chef’s course.  I won’t say that I actively encouraged this (the hours are very long) but I did nothing to dissuade him from doing it.  Ok, I actively encouraged it.  I figured it would be a win, win situation.  He learns to cook (something he is passionate about) and I get gorgeous food.  

I thought of other benefits too, one being that I might loose some weight while he was on the course, seeing as he won’t be around to cook dinner.  But that plan went out the window when he started bringing food back with him.  Oh heaven!!!!!!  Last week I had gnocchi in a blue cheese sauce and Smoked salmon and cream cheese on rosti…..  I can’t wait to see what he brings home tonight. 

The course he is doing is at The Pastryworks, the same place we went for our staff Christmas party last year.

7 thoughts on “Worth it in the end

  1. FF – it sounds like a lot of fun. Mr OL is really enjoying it. I know they dont run them that often though, he waits till he gets about 10 interested people. If you are interested I think the best thing would be to contact him and get him to mail you when the next course is going to be run.

    Cat – I know……

    Shayne – it is the first time I have had it and it was YUMMY!!!!!!

  2. Sounds so good. Enjoy it. My husband is a much better cook than I am, so most nights he does the cooking which is great!

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