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Sew much to do!

So I am sewing feverishly at the moment but I don’t feel like I am getting anywhere.  I luckily got accepted to sell my Whachumacallit toys at the “Christmas in the Home” market at the end of October, but now I need stock. Who knew it would take this long to make a couple of toys.

I am getting a bit faster at it, but not nearly fast enough.  Also (and don’t get me wrong I am not complaining about this part) people keep on buying them…… J  I have  about 30 ready for the market now, but was hoping to have closer to 100.  I have nearly a month left to sew but am only averaging 1 a day at the moment.

I think what I am going to have to do is get business cards printed and have pictures of ones I have made previously around and then take orders.  I am really excited about the market.  I am curious to see how my toys will go down and if they will sell or not??? 

The Christmas in the Home Market is taking place on the 29/30 October at Moffett on Main in the underground parking lot.  Click HERE for a link to their Facebook page

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I set my alarm to go for a run this morning and then hit snooze! And now I am kicking myself (can that be considered a form of exercise).

It was the most perfect spring morning, not even a breeze and Baby OL slept till 7 so it would have been perfect. 

I REALLY need to start training!!! I am supposed to be running a marathon in December and at this rate I won’t even be able to run to the end of my road.  Yikes!!! MOTIVATION where have you gone?

I need to work out a program because without one to stick to I am useless.  Anyone have any suggests to take me from a 10km long run to a 42.2 in 3 months?

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A Portfolio Lifestyle

Last night on Carte Blanche they had a story on “A Portfolio Lifestyle”!  That really appeals to me!  These people don’t have a job, they do numerous things that bring in an income, do good in the community and are active.  I like that.

The thing was that most of their activities basically revolved around one central theme.  So for instance the person was an actor, they acted, danced, taught dance, did voice-overs and such like.  They made their passion work for them and did not rely on a 9 – 5 job.

I do, do quite a bit already, but now I need to start doing things that bring in an income.  However, I suppose there is also the possibly that you could be spreading yourself too thin and by not concentrating on one specific thing you run the risk of not doing it to the best of your ability. But I get BORED very easily so this might just be the thing for me?

So, what would my central theme be – what is my passion?  I guess if I knew that then I would already be doing it, because it sure as hell isn’t funeral insurance!!!

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Seems to be working

So my “While my husband is on cooking course I get no dinner” Diet seems to be going rather well.  I have lost 1kg since he started the course. 

Just shows how much we actually ate for dinner if I can have a nougat bar each night (yes, my new dinner) and still loose weight.  (Have I mentioned that I am addicted to Wedgewood’s Macadamia nut Nougat)  I am now officially lighter than I was when I fell pregnant.  Unfortunately I can’t say the same about my shape or fitness levels – which to me are much more important.  Although at the time I guess I was ridiculously fit.  Oh to be in that sort of shape again…

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Not quite what I expected.


The name just seems to say excitement, fun and hectic lifestyle.  It is not that I am a fan of them, or any other super car.  A bit too poncy for me (give me a 4×4), but the name does bring a certain image with it.

I would imagine the person who owned one to lead a fantastic lifestyle, swanning around Europe, eating in fantastic restaurants and being independently wealthy.  Not stuck in bumper to bumper traffic in PE’s morning traffic.  Kind of kills the illusion. 

Talk about an Ordinary Life….

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Somewhere warm!

The private security firm we use, Atlas Security, sends out a weekly newsletter of crimes and incidents in Port Elizabeth that they have responded to. 

It is very detailed but depressing to read when you realise that these are only incidents that they have responded to.  It does not include other security firms or the police. 

Today however, when I read it I had to laugh.  Here is an extract of one of the crimes they responded to: 

“At 03h36 on Monday morning, an Outeniqua Street, Kamma Heights homeowner found a suspect sleeping in the back seat of his car that was parked in his yard.

The owner heard noises coming from his yard and found the 19-year-old boy sleeping on the seat, with their dog under his arm. The owner woke the suspect and questioned him. In the mean time, the owner’s wife phoned ATLAS to despatch a Response vehicle to their home.”

Yes, it is sad that the teenager that had to find somewhere to sleep, but did you notice who his sleeping partner was? 

So much for having a watchdog…. I can just picture them snuggled up together keeping warm.

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The queue at the UIF office this morning

I took this photo this morning at 6am.  Yes, that is right SIX AM!  I spoke to some of the people at the front of the queue and they had been there since 2am.  HOLY CRAP!  I thought I was getting there early.  And yes, it really does go all the way down the street as far as you can see.

Queue outside UIF offices at 6am!

It was totally ridiculous. When I eventually got inside (30 minutes after they opened) it was not much better.  They were serving on average 10 people an hour and by the time I decided to leave there were still 50 people in front of me.  At 9:30 they closed the doors because they said they would not get through all the people before 4pm when they closed.  There must have still been quite a few hundred if not a thousand people waiting outside, not to mention the ones inside. 

I know it is extreme because of the strike but still, even last time I went it was terrible.  I sat from 7:30 till 3 only to be told that yes, I have the correct forms so I must come back on the 6th and submit them.  Yip, I had the right forms, I was in the right place but no she would not take them.

I have not come across a more ludicrous system in my life.  I am going to pay someone to go back for me next week.  It will work out cheaper than loss of earnings if I have to sit there.

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I did it!

Yip, I entered Comrades….  Yikes.  Now I had better start some training.   Well, not just yet as I seem to have developed a cold, but as soon as that clears up I will start! 

I am really excited to have a goal and something to work towards again.  Yay.  Hopefully with the support of Mr OL I will be able to do this.

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Baby Sign Language

We have decided to do Baby Sign Language with Baby OL.  I have friends that have done it with their children and they swear by it.  However, when I mention to some people that we are doing it the one thing they on is the movie “Meet the Fockers” and have no idea that it is something that you can actually do.  They think it was just done in that movie as a joke. 

We started at about 5 months and at first it was bit difficult to remember to sign to her (and to remember the sign) but now that we are doing it regularly it has almost become second nature.  We started with the ones that we think she will use the most, like MILK and CHANGE (nappy).  We also do ones of the things around her like CAT and DOG.  Now that she is eating we are doing EAT.  We also do COLD, like when I take her clothes off to get her in the bath.  We started doing that because she almost did the sign naturally.  Now it is one that she signs back regularly.  It is very sweet.  She puts her fists by her chests and shivers her body.  Other than that I think she has signed MILK and CAT, but I could be wrong, her hands were kind of where they should be and it was almost time for milk, and while the cat was walking past I am not sure if she was signing CAT or just moving her hands in the vicinity of her cheek?  She has started clapping though, and now thinks she is very clever.  It was a bit random before but this week she has been clapping away quite happily. 

The sign language we are using is American Sign Language, just because all the baby sign language books are in that.  I guess we probably should use South African sign language but it was difficult to find the information.  I am not sure how different they are?  Also babies tend to drop the signs as soon as they know and can use the words so whether it is American or South African I guess it does not really make much difference.  

I will keep you updated on our progress.  Although with our experience yesterday maybe she will be talking before she signs……

Have any of you done it with your kids, and if so what was your experience?