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My child is a genius!

Ok, so my child is a genius!!!! 

I know, I know – every mother thinks that but I swear she is….. 

This morning we were trying to get her to wave good bye to me as we do most mornings.  I say to her “Say bye bye to mommy, bye bye”.  The nanny usually holds her arm as if she is waving to me.  This morning before the nanny could hold her arm she stuck it at as if to wave.  We both got really excited.  So I said it again to see if she would do it again. 

“Say bye bye to mommy, bye bye.”  Nope she didn’t, instead she said “bye bye”.  Holy crap!  Talk about exceeding expectations….. Her nanny turned to me in wonder and asked if I had heard that.  I had!  Wow.  We tried again – but nothing. She just stared at us, as if we were mad. 

So we will try again tomorrow morning.  Who knows, maybe it was not just fluke…… 

And yes, I am going to be one of those mothers after all.