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Baby Sign Language

We have decided to do Baby Sign Language with Baby OL.  I have friends that have done it with their children and they swear by it.  However, when I mention to some people that we are doing it the one thing they on is the movie “Meet the Fockers” and have no idea that it is something that you can actually do.  They think it was just done in that movie as a joke. 

We started at about 5 months and at first it was bit difficult to remember to sign to her (and to remember the sign) but now that we are doing it regularly it has almost become second nature.  We started with the ones that we think she will use the most, like MILK and CHANGE (nappy).  We also do ones of the things around her like CAT and DOG.  Now that she is eating we are doing EAT.  We also do COLD, like when I take her clothes off to get her in the bath.  We started doing that because she almost did the sign naturally.  Now it is one that she signs back regularly.  It is very sweet.  She puts her fists by her chests and shivers her body.  Other than that I think she has signed MILK and CAT, but I could be wrong, her hands were kind of where they should be and it was almost time for milk, and while the cat was walking past I am not sure if she was signing CAT or just moving her hands in the vicinity of her cheek?  She has started clapping though, and now thinks she is very clever.  It was a bit random before but this week she has been clapping away quite happily. 

The sign language we are using is American Sign Language, just because all the baby sign language books are in that.  I guess we probably should use South African sign language but it was difficult to find the information.  I am not sure how different they are?  Also babies tend to drop the signs as soon as they know and can use the words so whether it is American or South African I guess it does not really make much difference.  

I will keep you updated on our progress.  Although with our experience yesterday maybe she will be talking before she signs……

Have any of you done it with your kids, and if so what was your experience?