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The queue at the UIF office this morning

I took this photo this morning at 6am.  Yes, that is right SIX AM!  I spoke to some of the people at the front of the queue and they had been there since 2am.  HOLY CRAP!  I thought I was getting there early.  And yes, it really does go all the way down the street as far as you can see.

Queue outside UIF offices at 6am!

It was totally ridiculous. When I eventually got inside (30 minutes after they opened) it was not much better.  They were serving on average 10 people an hour and by the time I decided to leave there were still 50 people in front of me.  At 9:30 they closed the doors because they said they would not get through all the people before 4pm when they closed.  There must have still been quite a few hundred if not a thousand people waiting outside, not to mention the ones inside. 

I know it is extreme because of the strike but still, even last time I went it was terrible.  I sat from 7:30 till 3 only to be told that yes, I have the correct forms so I must come back on the 6th and submit them.  Yip, I had the right forms, I was in the right place but no she would not take them.

I have not come across a more ludicrous system in my life.  I am going to pay someone to go back for me next week.  It will work out cheaper than loss of earnings if I have to sit there.