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The queue at the UIF office this morning

I took this photo this morning at 6am.  Yes, that is right SIX AM!  I spoke to some of the people at the front of the queue and they had been there since 2am.  HOLY CRAP!  I thought I was getting there early.  And yes, it really does go all the way down the street as far as you can see.

Queue outside UIF offices at 6am!

It was totally ridiculous. When I eventually got inside (30 minutes after they opened) it was not much better.  They were serving on average 10 people an hour and by the time I decided to leave there were still 50 people in front of me.  At 9:30 they closed the doors because they said they would not get through all the people before 4pm when they closed.  There must have still been quite a few hundred if not a thousand people waiting outside, not to mention the ones inside. 

I know it is extreme because of the strike but still, even last time I went it was terrible.  I sat from 7:30 till 3 only to be told that yes, I have the correct forms so I must come back on the 6th and submit them.  Yip, I had the right forms, I was in the right place but no she would not take them.

I have not come across a more ludicrous system in my life.  I am going to pay someone to go back for me next week.  It will work out cheaper than loss of earnings if I have to sit there.


12 thoughts on “The queue at the UIF office this morning

  1. What is the UIF? I am guessing it must be some sort of licensing office… Do you at least get a number when you enter the office so you can get serviced in the order you enter the building?

  2. It is the Unemployment Insurance Fund. I am trying to claim my Maternity Leave pay. There is no numbering system but I was very surprised by how orderly everyone was. There was no pushing in or anything and people went into the que inside in the order they were outside.

  3. I wanted to claim at one stage after I was retrenched when the company I worked for closed their PE office a couple of years ago. I went once and there was so many hassles that I wouldn’t have received any money for another few months. Luckily I started working again very soon after. The system is seriously flawed.

  4. FF – it is the most ineffectual system I have ever come across. While I was standing in the Q I started to talk to the people around me. One lady had been unemployed for 18 months and still had not received a cent. Each month she is told to come back and see if the forms have “miraculously’ appeared. They seem to take the view that everyone who is there is unemployed and there for has nothing better to do than stand in the Q for the entire day.

  5. Well, it seems all the UIF departments are inefficient!! I waited in the Somerset West office 4 hours for 3 days each. Told to come back today to hand in a signed form. Municipal office closed, so tried to go upstairs to the UIF office!! What a fiasco. about 300 people – no organisation and extremely rude staff. Cant speak to the Manager . No-one would take my form. Why does this department put up with lazy and ineffective staff|? Something drastic needs to be done!!

  6. The company I worked for for 11 years and contributed UIF every month for 11 years, closed down 31 July 2010 and on 03 August 2010 I went down to UIF in PE at 7am to find myself a kilometre from the UIF door in the que with all I needed as far as forms go. By 15h45 I was still not helped and I was given a form(which I have proof of) to come back on 24 Aug 2010because the “banking proof form” which I got from the UIF INTENET was not the correct form!!!!!!!! I thought the UIFInternet is there to help us??????? Why is the form on the UIF Internet incorrect??????? I told the officer who gave me the form to come back on 24 Aug that I will be out of town from 20 to 27 August and he said that I can come back on 30 August 2010. The morning of 30 August 2010 the GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES WERE ON STRIKE!!!!!!!!!!! Once again I was not helped and then I phoned Uitenhage UIF and they were not on strike and I drove there(30-40km from PE) and handed in my form and the CORRECT “proof of bank details” and on 31 August 2010 I heard that I was successfull in getting a new job where I applied and started work on 01 Sep 2010. Upon enquiring, I was told that I applied too late????????????? UIF officer told me 24 August and I could only go 30 August-what is the difference if 30 August is “too late” then I suppose 24 August which UIF officer gave me would have been “TOO late ” as well. Please can something be done about the ABSOLUTE CHAOS in government departments and pay me for the month of August 2010 that I did not work?????? The fact that a strike took place AND wrong forms are on the Internet IS NO FAULT OF MINE!!!!!! I went to Uitenhage on 22 March 2011 to complete an AFFIDAVIT of what actually happened and upon phoning there this morning, was told that my affidavit was sent to the PE branch!!!!!!!!! Please try to phone the PE UIF office yourself-they pick up the phone and slam it down(041-5065001/2). PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I contributed for 11 years EVERY month and cannot get payment for the ONE month I was unemployed!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE UIF IS AT FAULT-I MUST GO WITHOUT PAYMENT WHICH I DESERVE!!!!!!!!!Thank you

  7. im going there today to see if my reqeust for uif have been aproved, and if not theres no other way to go at it but to throw a “vloermoer”… make myself herd, i heard that its a process that takes time but when i was paying uif it was a matter af seconds and now that its receiving time, theres whole lot of stories/excuses

  8. Hi, sorry to hear about your bad experience claiming UIF. It can be quite tricky if you don’t come prepared (or if you’re doing it for the first time). I’ve been through the whole thing and subsequently started a resource website to help people with their claims. On it you will find all the info and even a step by step guide, all free of charge…

  9. Can you just refuse to pay UIF per month as you know the system is flawed and you probably will never claim…who am I giving my hard earned money to?? Cant you just open a savings account and create your own UIF on your terms? No forms, no hassles and BS!!

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