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Not quite what I expected.


The name just seems to say excitement, fun and hectic lifestyle.  It is not that I am a fan of them, or any other super car.  A bit too poncy for me (give me a 4×4), but the name does bring a certain image with it.

I would imagine the person who owned one to lead a fantastic lifestyle, swanning around Europe, eating in fantastic restaurants and being independently wealthy.  Not stuck in bumper to bumper traffic in PE’s morning traffic.  Kind of kills the illusion. 

Talk about an Ordinary Life….

2 thoughts on “Not quite what I expected.

  1. Did you know…

    The original Lamborghini factory built tractors out of the remains of WW II military hardware? I used to live close to where Signor Lamborghini had his original factory.

    Also, Lamborghini is now owned by Audi which in turn is owned by Volkswagen, so technically the Lamborghini is the people’s car.

    Hope that makes you feel better…

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