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Seems to be working

So my “While my husband is on cooking course I get no dinner” Diet seems to be going rather well.  I have lost 1kg since he started the course. 

Just shows how much we actually ate for dinner if I can have a nougat bar each night (yes, my new dinner) and still loose weight.  (Have I mentioned that I am addicted to Wedgewood’s Macadamia nut Nougat)  I am now officially lighter than I was when I fell pregnant.  Unfortunately I can’t say the same about my shape or fitness levels – which to me are much more important.  Although at the time I guess I was ridiculously fit.  Oh to be in that sort of shape again…

3 thoughts on “Seems to be working

  1. You need to hurry though. Only another 3 or 4 weeks until it’s officially summer. I’ve been gymming for 3 months traight now, so I love annoying my friends that only start now. It’s kinda too late. 🙂 Hehe.

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