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A Portfolio Lifestyle

Last night on Carte Blanche they had a story on “A Portfolio Lifestyle”!  That really appeals to me!  These people don’t have a job, they do numerous things that bring in an income, do good in the community and are active.  I like that.

The thing was that most of their activities basically revolved around one central theme.  So for instance the person was an actor, they acted, danced, taught dance, did voice-overs and such like.  They made their passion work for them and did not rely on a 9 – 5 job.

I do, do quite a bit already, but now I need to start doing things that bring in an income.  However, I suppose there is also the possibly that you could be spreading yourself too thin and by not concentrating on one specific thing you run the risk of not doing it to the best of your ability. But I get BORED very easily so this might just be the thing for me?

So, what would my central theme be – what is my passion?  I guess if I knew that then I would already be doing it, because it sure as hell isn’t funeral insurance!!!