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A Portfolio Lifestyle

Last night on Carte Blanche they had a story on “A Portfolio Lifestyle”!  That really appeals to me!  These people don’t have a job, they do numerous things that bring in an income, do good in the community and are active.  I like that.

The thing was that most of their activities basically revolved around one central theme.  So for instance the person was an actor, they acted, danced, taught dance, did voice-overs and such like.  They made their passion work for them and did not rely on a 9 – 5 job.

I do, do quite a bit already, but now I need to start doing things that bring in an income.  However, I suppose there is also the possibly that you could be spreading yourself too thin and by not concentrating on one specific thing you run the risk of not doing it to the best of your ability. But I get BORED very easily so this might just be the thing for me?

So, what would my central theme be – what is my passion?  I guess if I knew that then I would already be doing it, because it sure as hell isn’t funeral insurance!!!

11 thoughts on “A Portfolio Lifestyle

  1. It ain’t easy bur rewarding – I won’t go back working for a boss. I make money from my 2 passions – internet marketing and cricket. I am not on just one payroll but on quite a few.

  2. Cat & Hayley – yip, if only…

    Laura – so would I! I also need to look into it a bit more.

    Bennie – Well done, sounds like the right way to go about things to me.

  3. I’ve heard and read in a few places that if you do what you love, the money will find you… or words to that effect. I don’t know if that’s so, but wouldn’t it be nice if it was?

  4. Wouldnt it be a wonderful world if we all knew exactly what our passion was and went straight to doing it? Our lives would be simple and happy.

    I am now 29 and dont have a single clue as to what my passion is, well, besides eating! But I really dont think thats going to earn me alot of money!

  5. I watched the programme too, and was rather inspired. I work in Banking and it is most definitely not my passion, however, the people aspect most definitely is. Since watching the show, I have already made several enquiries on trying to follow my passion.

    I’ve realised that people are my passion, and my skills lie in training and development. I have also done a bit of beauty consulting, so for me it is a matter of getting to know the right people, and making the right contacts, in order to get going.

    Ever since the programme, I’ve been unable to sleep thinking of ways to make things work. I know that if we dedicate 10% of the time and effort we put in for our employers to ourselves and developing ourselves, the potential is endless.

    1. I also watched it. I have been following a Portfolio Lifestyle for the last 3 years. I qualified as a CA but had zero passion for that. Yes, it brings in serious money but if you cant enjoy it becasue you are so depressed on weekends, what is the point?
      I trained as a executive business life coach and now juggle my life around the income I need and I do only the things I really want to. How is it possible? First you have to make the decision – done. Then you have to start comparing and prioritising. Ie. Do I rather want to play golf every Wednesday afternoon or drive the Beemer? You’ll get to the answer. It has changed my life and my friends are in awe….

  6. I never knew there was a word for what I’m doing LOL! My theme is ‘travel’. I put creative itineraries together for clients coming to Southern Africa, I’m a national tourist guide in South Africa, I write about all my adventures on my blog (still unpaid this one but some perks..), I’m a venue finder for conferences and meetings. And currently I’m involved in a new start up web service for family friendly family homes. I might have months with no income (2011 was a tough year) but keeping costs low and working from home or traveling give me an incredible amount of freedom. Would not want to change one thing!

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