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Running again!

So I think I can say that I have started running again….  I ran on Saturday, Monday and last night. 

Last night was a 5km time trial at a running club (thanks mom for babysitting) and I thought it might be a good idea to see how slow I start off and then to follow my progress over the coming months.  And slow was the operative word.  I did not feel that tired or sore but I just could not go any faster!  My time 30min40sec, let’s hope that improves

It was very windy and at one stage it felt as if my legs were getting blown from under me and twisted.  Still I loved it!

On Saturday I ran with Baby OL in the stroller. She loves it and “chatted” to me for the first 25 minutes and then fell asleep.  I went a bit further than I was expecting to because I did not want to wake her so basically walked/ran until she woke up. The last 800m was a bit of sprint (faster jog) as we got caught in the rain.  I suppose it does not help that on the way home I stopped at the bakery and bought some éclairs’ and Danish’s.  I figured I ran, I could eat them….

4 thoughts on “Running again!

  1. Lauren – unfortunately there is one at the end of our street!

    FF – I get to a point where I NEED to do something – I am there now.

    Laura – thanks, I thought so too…..

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