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Granny is babysitting.

Baby OL’s nanny could not make it in today so Granny offered to baby sit…..  Yikes a whole day! Considering it has been nearly 29 years since Granny’s youngest, my baby sister, was a baby I hope she does not get too exhausted.  Although I think she is more likely to wear out the baby than the other way around.

I am sure she will be fine; they will probably have a ball.  I phoned at lunch time and Baby OL was taking a nap so all seemed well in the Ordinary Life household.  I am hoping it goes well… I need her to baby sit again in November for a day.

I left a schedule of nap and feeding times, all the bottles were out and ready and all the food set out for her, and then told her if Baby OL does not stick to her schedule not to worry. 

Luckily I have a very good baby, although I am sure that all mothers think that.  We will see what Granny says after today.

Baby OL - 6 months