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So she sometimes wakes…

So Granny survived the baby sitting yesterday.  I got home and they were both smiling and laughing.  Yay, now granny feels more confident to do it more often! 

Yesterday after bragging so much to everyone in the office that my baby NEVER wakes before 6:30am and if she does I can leave her happily in her cot till 7 she went and spoilt the routine by waking at 4:11.  Well, not so much her waking as me waking her accidentally. I opened the front door to let the cats out and it slammed shut.  Dammit!!!! She just would not go back to sleep.  After lying listening to her talk to herself for an hour over the monitor I thought I had better go to her, she started getting a bit grumpy.  And yes, I do realise that I am very lucky that my baby will entertain herself for over an hour in her cot in the mornings.

So, I fed her and put her pram.  We went for a run.  It was actually awesome and I love running with her.  She still faces me, so it is one of the few times when I actually get to watch her sleep.  It is taking her a bit longer to fall asleep these days.  It used to be that we never even got out the driveway before she was asleep, now it takes about 30 minutes.  She still loves going in the pram though, which is a good thing. 

And It was an absolutely stunning morning.  I am also trying to tell myself that running with a pram can be considered strength training….