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Why oh why?

So I like to calculate stuff.  I like to see what I am up against and then work out a plan.  Breaking stuff down into more manageable chunks works for me.  With Ironman I took each leg and calculated what my average speed needed to be to get  certain time.  If I could keep above that speed then I knew I was doing well.

So Comrades marathon….  I wanted to work out what my average speed needs to be over the entire distance to make sure that I made:

a)      Cut off/ Vic Clapham medal – under 12 hours

b)       Bronze medal – under 11 hours

Crikey!  Take the 11 hour cut off. 

11 hours x 60 minutes = 660 minutes.  Then deduct 20 minutes for the delays at the start (I will be seeded near the back and they say it can take that amount of time just to cross the start line).

So that means that I have a total of 640 minutes to do 89km.  That means that I need to do on average each kilometer in 7.19 minutes.  Now, that will be too much for my poor brain to handle so I worked out how quickly I need to do each 10km…..71.9 minutes to do 10 km or 1 hour 11 minutes to do a 10km.  That made me freak out more than just a little.  At the moment I am running a 10km in 1 hour 6 minutes. And that is when 10km is all I have to run, no loo breaks or stuff like that. How on earth am I going to run anywhere close to that when I have already done 80 km……..  Oh well, nothing like a bit of a challenge I suppose.


4 thoughts on “Why oh why?

  1. Thanks for the visit to my site. Interesting stats for the Comrades – you can do it. Was a dream of mine to run the race one day – well not with stress fractures anyway.

    Will follow your progress and see how it goes.

  2. Zane – thanks, and thanks. I think I will need all the support I can get.

    6000 – that will not be happening!

    Charisa – thank you.

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