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I’ve gone and done it again!

And NO I am NOT pregnant! 

BUT what the HECK was I thinking!!!  Or at least I think that is what I will be writing on Monday.

Never one to back away from a challenge I have entered a corporate mountain bike race on Sunday.  I thought others from our company would be doing it too, but it turns out – not so much.  Our CEO is doing it and then we have “adopted” two cyclist to do the longer legs.  Turns out they are taking this a bit seriously… YIKES.  The time is taking for all 4 participants and then worked out based on that.  I might be letting the side down a bit.

Did I mention that I don’t even own a mountain bike…..

I am going to borrow my sisters for the day.  I have not ridden a mountain bike in over 4 years, and even then it was only once and also on a borrowed bike.  I have not even sat on my road or tri bike in over 18 months! What the HECK was I thinking agreeing to this……..  Oh well, how hard can 20km be exactly?