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Weekend round up! The good and the bad.

And who would have thought that the ride would be the good????

But first the bad.  On Friday evening when I got home from work Baby OL’s nanny said that when she picked her up to take her away from a house plant she started to cry and she could not get her to stop. The nanny thought she was upset because she had been taken away from what she was playing with.  However she cried off and on for the rest of the evening and in her bath.  It is very unusual for her to cry at all so I thought she must be tired or about to teeth or something but I did not really notice anything else amiss.  I gave her, her bottle and she went down like normal.  However on Saturday morning as soon as I picked her up she started crying again.  I also noticed that she was not really moving her right arm.  She was moving her fingers and would grasp a bit but did not like it if I touched it and did not reach for anything or put any weight on it.  I was slightly (read LOTS) concerned.  So I phoned the Pediatrician on call, he told me to come right in.  He checked her out and said that although he did not think anything was broken he would like to send her for x-rays, so that is where we spent the rest of Saturday.  Poor little thing, I felt so bad as I had to hold her still and her arm in funny positions so they could get the right x-rays.  They wanted of her elbows, clavicle and arms.  Thankfully nothing was broken.  I was pretty sure there would not be anything broken as she has not fallen or anything like that.  The doc said it was nothing viral or any kind of infection as she did not have a fever or any other signs.  It was not red and there were no bruises.  He said he thinks it is what is called Pseudoparalysis, which can have many causes but in this case she has hurt her arm somehow and not does not want to move it because it is sore.  He said if it still like that towards the middle of the week I must take her to our Pediatrician and have it checked up on. Well, thankfully that won’t be necessary. By that evening all seemed well again and by Sunday she was back to normal. And even crawled for the first time!  Yay for her.  So the bad ended good.

Then also on Sunday I did the Mountain Bike race.  Mr OL put it rather diplomatically and said I got value for money!  Let’s just put it this way, although I did not come in totally last it was pretty close!  The main thing is that I LOVED it.  I had so much fun.  The scenery was stunning the course was well marked and I had loads of fun.  I did not die and although I really struggled on the up hills and pushed the bike on the downs as I was too scared to ride down them I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I think I must be fitter than I thought.  I did not even fall off – well technically I did not fall OFF – I was already off.  I was pushing the bike and fell over….. I am sure that does not count does it.