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Insert happy smiley face here :-)

Date night was awesome.  It involved lots and lots and lots of sushi and a little bit of wine….. YUM.

We went to Fushin Sushi, in Stanley Street Richmond Hill and sat at the counter.  It was great to see them making the sushi, right from filleting a whole salmon to putting it on the plate.  We had a platter after platter and Mr OL very diplomatically hid the bill from me.  It was his treat. 

I got well and truly spoilt and loved every second of it.

9 thoughts on “Insert happy smiley face here :-)

  1. beware of date nights!!! We had our little surprise no.3 arrive exactly 9 months after our date night!
    Date nights have been cancelled ever since 😉

    1. Yikes, Baby OL arrived exactly 9 months after a night out with a few bottles of Arabella Shiraz. We nearly called her Bella but thought it might not be such a good idea once she started asking where her name came from. Well, mommy and daddy got rather pickled one night and then……

  2. I have yet to discover the awesomeness of Sushi, last time I tried it, I was in the middle of a lunchtime job interview in NYC, and since the *idea* of sushi doesn’t sound good to me, I was literally swallowing pieces whole, while sweating through the job interview. My hubby thinks I’m mad not to try it again, but I’m trying very hard to get over the whole “raw fish” thing. What am I missing?

    1. I am not sure what it is about it, but I love it. Mr OL had not tried it before he met me, and now I think he is even more hooked than I am. I think they put something addictive in it. We even got my father-in-law to try it and he now likes it too.

      I am not sure if you have a thing against raw foods if it will work for you though. That is one think I have never had a problem with and eat my steaks blue rare. One of the platters that we had at this restuarant was seared tuna – which was awesome, so maybe as an intro you could try that. Then at least it is not totally raw?

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