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oh oh! That’s not good.

Ok – not a good start to the day!

I parked my car outside work this morning and reached under my seat for my shoes…. and reached and reached and then panicked!!!  Yip, I had forgotten to bring shoes to work.


Decisions??? Do I phone up and say I am going to be late, well later than I already was or do I try and sneak in with nobody noticing and hide in my office till lunch time…….

Let’s just say that I am not good about sneaking – busted!!!  I think they are all still laughing.

10 thoughts on “oh oh! That’s not good.

    1. Shayne – I know, and the ironic thing is that just the day before I was thinking that one day I would arrive without shoes….. I usually have a spare pair in my car but because of the market I had cleaned my car out to take all the stuff there. And thanks – the market went very well. I did not sell out, but sold more than 1/2 so am quite happy.

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