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Will she be THAT kid?

So what are your thoughts on home-made clothes for kids?

I mentioned to my sister that I wanted to make some of Baby OL’s clothes and she said “Oh please don’t make her be THAT kid!”… Hmph!

Now, I do get it.  My mom used to make some of our clothes and I was not that amused. But then I was also 10 and HATED dresses.  Although she did make me a blue hoodie once and I think I wore it so much I wore through the elbows. 

Baby OL is only 8 months and so should not know the difference. 

So, what do you think – do home-made clothes make her THAT kid or will she survive into adulthood without too many scars?

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This little piggy went to market.

Better late than never …

The Christmas in the Home market went well.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and although I did not sell out I did sell quite a bit.  I am happy (ish) with the result.  Obviously I would l have liked to see out totally but for the first time it was good.  It was quite funny, on the Friday I sold a lot of playmats, but not may toys.  And then on the Saturday I sold a lot of toys but not that many playmats.  Weird!

The feedback from customers and non-customers was positive, lets hope it translates into future sales.  Although – I am SOOOOO pleased not to HAVE to sew them anymore. The pressure kind of took away the enjoyment.  I think I will give it a bit of a break and then just start sewing and drawing them for fun again.

Here are a couple of pictures of my stand.

Whachumacallits - stand and Christmas in the Home


Whachumacallits - stand at Christmas in the Home


Thank fully I managed to get time to take a brief walk around and have a look at some of the other stands.  There are some really talented people in Port Elizabeth.  The girl with the stand next to mine was selling baby shoes that she makes.  OH MY WORD!!!! So cute.  I was worried that I would spend all my profit buying Baby OL shoes.  I managed to restrict myself to one pair.  I will take a photo and post it soon.  One woman bought two pairs – to frame – they were that cute!

I also had some feed back on the name of my toys.  Most of it VERY positive – saying that “Whachumacallits” is exactly what they should be called.  However I also had a very funny comment.  This little old lady looked at them and then leaned forward and whispered to me; 

“My late husband used to call my whatnot my whachumacallit.”  

Oh my word – I nearly died laughing.