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Will she be THAT kid?

So what are your thoughts on home-made clothes for kids?

I mentioned to my sister that I wanted to make some of Baby OL’s clothes and she said “Oh please don’t make her be THAT kid!”… Hmph!

Now, I do get it.  My mom used to make some of our clothes and I was not that amused. But then I was also 10 and HATED dresses.  Although she did make me a blue hoodie once and I think I wore it so much I wore through the elbows. 

Baby OL is only 8 months and so should not know the difference. 

So, what do you think – do home-made clothes make her THAT kid or will she survive into adulthood without too many scars?

10 thoughts on “Will she be THAT kid?

  1. My kids grew up in clothes my mom made 🙂 So is my niece now aswell!

    I see nothing wrong with it – especially at that age.

    Once they start developing a style of their own it does get a little harder but I see nothing wrong with it at all! As long as you arent making her dresses from old curtains :-p

  2. I grew up wearing the clothes my mom sewed for me, too. Of course, as a toddler and young kid, I didn’t know or care. As I got older, I loved it. Really! But because my mom is excellent at sewing and she always asked my input. We’d pick out the pattern and fabric together. She always said she didn’t want to go through all that work of sewing something for me not to wear it, so we picked out stuff together. She even made some things for my friends cause they liked my clothes so much! 🙂

  3. I also grew up in home-sewn clothes and I liked it. Now my mom teaches sewing to kids and they can make their own clothes. In a few years, you should have her help you as Jen said. I think its an awesome way to bond with your little one.

  4. As long as your skills are good and you are not making her wear “that dorky home-made look” in clothing, it will be fine. When she ages, allow her to help select colors and patterns (printed fabric, not the style of clothing you will be making). Also, mix in some store bought clothing (even if you get them from a second hand store), so she can have a variety. If labels are a real focus (or lack of them ends up causing problems) — you can have labels made that have your name on them and look professional – the labels do not scream “look, the shirt is home made!”

    Best of luck,

  5. Thanks all. I am going to try making some of her clothes. My mom taught me how to make my own when I was a bit younger and I was very proud of them. Hopefully when she is older she will feel the same way, especially if she has had input into the fabric choices and styles.

  6. Cat – you are right, its definitly not cheaper. Material costs are ridiculous! I think it is more me, missing my art classes since Baby OL has been born and looking for a creative outlet.

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