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Another reason I love early morning runs

I love running, it gives me a good feeling, the endorphins flow and I basically feel better about myself.  Maybe a little too good?

On Saturday I went for a long run – the longest I have been since June 2009 and it was GREAT!  There I was running along looking at my shadow, talking away to myself.  Yes, I talk to myself when I run – internally:  It went something like this:  “hmm, you are not looking too bad, your shadow actually looks quite good.  Nobody would figure you had a baby 8 months ago. People probably think you are training for Ironman again. Yip, looking gooood….”

Then at about the ½ way stage I needed to pee, so I ran past my mom’s house.  Drat and dam, how to spoil a good run! She has a long passage way with a mirror at the end!  A real mirror, not a shadow helped by the low angle of the morning sun!  I am never stopping there again. It took me at least another 30 minutes of running to feel good again.