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What the “expert” said…

I know there are quite a few myths about running – I am not going to try and dispel any of them right now, but as I was jiggling along on my run this morning I remember a “talk” that was given at our school when I was about 12.

I went to an “all girls” primary school and every now and then we had women come in and give us talks on nutrition, beauty and various other things.  I remember one lady talking about whatever – I was not really paying much attention until somebody asked her a question about exercise.  I am not really sure what the question was but I vividly remember the answer.  She said that running was not a good way to get in shape. In fact we should avoid it as it was quite bad for you and it made you soft and lumpy…… She then used the following example. She said that your body was like a tub of yogurt, it was soft but reasonably firm, until you shook it – then it went watery and lumpy.  That was what you did to your body with all the bouncing up and down with running. 

And they wondered why nobody wanted to compete in athletics day the following month……

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3 thoughts on “What the “expert” said…

  1. Thanks for the comments on my blog.

    Running/jogging – strange theory that woman had. mmm – running is not good if you have sore feet or weak knees – otherwise excluding 1000 odd other reasons not to run/jog, it is good for you. Hope that makes sense 🙂

  2. Lynette – me neither! But if I was I would be full cream and a bit fruity – maybe with a sprinkling of nuts… 🙂

    Zane – Pleasure – it makes perfect sense. People that dont run always have plenty of reasons not too, and those that do have a way of making those reasons null and void.

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