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Feeling Blah!

I am having one of those days when I am just feeling BLAH!  There is no other word for it.

Not happy, not sad, just BLAH!

I think it is because my ITB’s are sore – and yes both knees.  I guess I have been doing too much too soon.  Typical, I don’t do anything in 1/2 measures.  On Sunday I ran 20 km, then 10km on Monday and 9km on Tuesday.  Today I rested.  Jumping up to those distances from basically nothing probably was not the best idea.

So, it has been the foam roller and I are now good friends.  I am determined to get this right, but I might have to postpone my goal of running a marathon in December. There in another one in PE in January so I suppose that is not too bad.

Other than that, well not really sure…  I want to eat – lots, mostly chocolate!  But then don’t want to because of that dratted mirror at my mom’s house (and the scale in mine that says I have gained 3 kg’s in the past 2 months). 

But it is not all doom and gloom.  My little one is an angel and soooo frikken cute!  My mom keeps laughing at me because I was never all that sure that I wanted kids.

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6 thoughts on “Feeling Blah!

  1. Yup…you turned out to be a wonderful mom to that little cutie;-D

    As for the running…take is slow and run your first marathon in January…it is no use overdoing it and being in pain.

  2. That’s exactly what happened to me! I started pushing too hard and got shin splints. Had to give it up for a month to recover and have now started again. Slowly!

  3. My SIL struggled with her ITB and had to rest for 6 weeks i think, plus she missed the Comrades. So – take it easy, don’t overdo it and instead spend that extra time with your cute little munchkin – becoz before you know it she’ll be turning 13!

  4. Lynette – thank you, and yes. That is what I have decided to do. I think it would be stupid to try and push it now.

    Delboy – oh, we live and learn. Well maybe not so much. I know all about the 10% rule but still break it. Shin splits suck! I get them if my shoes are older.

    Shayne – ITB are a real problem and difficult to get rid off because you need to strengthen the muscles and strech otherwise they will just come back again. One of my friend missed Comrades last year because of it as well. And I usually run in the mornings before she is awake. I also dont’ want to miss too much. Working full time is enough time away from her. That is one of the major reasons why I am not training for triathlon at the moment.

    Cat – yes, thank you quite a lot better. It is amazing what a good night out with friends and champagne can do for a girl.

    Brigitte – thank you.

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