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Feeling better

So I have not run since last week Tuesday – thought I would give my legs a rest.  But now I am really missing it again.  In the meantime I have become best friends with my foam roller.  Also one of my friends who is a physiotherapist has given me a couple of exercises.  So far so good and I can’t feel my ITB’s at the moment.  The test will come after a run though.

I have decided not to be stupid and attempt to run the marathon next month. There is another one in PE in January so it might be more realistic to attempt that one.  I really would like to do Comrades so there is no point in injuring myself right at the start of the training.

Hope you all had a good weekend – let’s hope that this is the start of summer.  It is really taking its time this year.


4 thoughts on “Feeling better

  1. Cat – thanks. Summer has taken its time here.

    Lynette – absolutely wonderful evening! Lets hope for many more.

    Imsonotablogger – tough, I have not been this week and keep telling myself it is so my knees get better….. yeah what ever!

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