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Does anyone ever wish they had kept their blog totally anonymous?  And do you think it is possible?  Do you think that based on what you write people would figure out who you were?

I know some of you have private blogs that can be read by invited readers only, but I am not talking about that I am talking about an open blog, but one that can’t be “traced” back to you? 

Sometimes there are days (TODAY) where I just feel like screaming and writing about it, but can’t/won’t because people who know me read my blog and by tomorrow I will probably have changed my mind anyway?  I know some of you get around this by writing password protected posts. 

So, what do you think, is it possible to have a totally anonymous blog?  I suppose I would probably miss out on the personal interaction between readers and myself, I mean how could you become “friends” if you did not know who was writing it. 

Has anyone tried to have an anonymous blog and failed?

16 thoughts on “Anonymous?

  1. Mine used to be – I only told my hubby after it was about 2 years old (the blog). Now, only he knows about it, no-one else. Another blogger and I recently found out we actually have met IRL, but she is keeping it quiet for me. Then, I have met some bloggers IRL so they know it, but no friend or family memebr knows about my blog other than these (and I am almost 3 years and 800 blogposts along) . So yes, it can be done.

    1. I thought mine was, but PE is too small. I wrote when I did races and thing and some people figured it out. I was out cycling one day and a girl said something to me and I realised that the only way she would know that was if she read my blog. I told my family, but not many of my friends know about it – it is now 4 years old. Quite a few of the triathletes here know about it, but it is from searches and then realising that they know me.

  2. I also believe it can be done. But I have resolved to posting on my private blog where only the invited readers can read it…when I don’t want the world to know something.

    1. I think a private blog would probably be the way to go, but at the moment I still like having it open. Maybe if I really needed a place to “talk” then I would start a new private one.

  3. I talk to much for mine to be!

    I do have one where I vent a bit sometimes but because I get no comments I lost interest :-p

    It is possible but its alot of work!

  4. You probably can, but it will mean thay you will have very little if any readers. You get readers by telling friendds and people to read the blog and others pick it up mainly from links on those blogs who follow you. So if you want an anonymous blog which means that its possible that nobody would know and read it, you can just as well write on a piece of paper. Just my opinion.

    1. I don’t tell my friends about this one, but I do pick up readers from comments I leave on others and then from links. What I tend to do at the moment is type it out like I would a normal blog post and then delete it without publishing.

  5. I definately think it is possible, but then no photos etc would be posted.

    I made my private, but i still don’t speak completely openly because too many people i know read me. I often wish I had an ‘anon’ one where i could vent and scream and grumble and talk about whatever without worrying what people thought/said.

    I definately think it can be done. Look at Cat! You just have to market it differently and carefully. No names/places etc.

    1. That would be the problem I had with a private blog as well. It is still people that know me that read it. And I would not feel that I could openly scream or vent. And agreed, you would have to be very careful about places and stuff as well.

  6. I often think about posting to a private blog. Especially when I am frustrated at work or see/read things in the news that annoy me and I want to write abusive things that wouldn’t really fit on my family friendly blog.

    Maybe some day…

    1. That is why I am thinking about it. Not that I want to write abusive things, but if something REALLY annoys me and I want to vent. Or if I have fight with somebody or something like that it woudl be nice to have somewhere I could let it out. But for now I will jsut carry on writing it on Word and deleting.

      1. If nobody is going to see it, you could write it on WordPress and then never publish it or make it a private post. That would be the same as writing it in Word and then deleting it…

  7. Del – I write all my posts in word first anyway so it feels almost the same. I would be too scared that I accidentally hit publish without realising.

  8. Nobody knows I’m me on mine…but then I had to be anonymous to make it work. It’s hard but I think once you start reading other blogs and commenting others naturally want to see who you are so you end up with readers and comments anyway. I recently did tell a close friend who I am as a blogger and sometimes think maybe I should have kept it completely anonymous, I’m not sure yet.
    I think the dilemma is you can either be yourself and then not really be able to vent OR you can vent but not be yourself…

    Incognito x

  9. i’ve often daydreamed about going private. In fact mine started private but with the infertility that group started reading – in fact it’s still those girls who know me in real life and sometimes I need to vent about them…

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