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Halfway blonde

I am the type of girl that when I decide to cut my hair I need to do it NOW!  I am not good about making appointments, but yesterday I thought, let me just go about this properly. So I phoned my hairdressers and asked if he had any space from now till the end of the month (he is very busy). They said NO!  I thought as much….. but, then the receptionist  said, not unless I could come right NOW he had a cancellation.

Wow!  After some hectic rearranging at work I was sitting in his chair within 15 minutes.  I have been going to Alfie at Crimpers for the past 9 years.  (I have strayed twice over that time and each seriously regretted it), however over those past 9 years I have only had my hair coloured there twice (I am a straight out the box at home girl) but each time I go he asks if he can’t colour it.  Yesterday I walked in and said he needs to do something about my colour! I think he was in shock  – he might even have squawked – and he is straight!  Now to get a straight man to squawk takes quite some doing.  After he had recovered he asked if he was allowed to do highlights as well…. I told him to go ahead I was leaving my colour in his capable hands.  He somehow managed to pick himself up off the floor.

I am so glad he did, I love it.  It is still brown but has quite a few blonde highlights (after all the stupid things I have done lately it is probably justified).   I told him I could not promise that I would not be going back to the box next month, but he might see me a bit more often.


The highlights