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I feel frustrated! Or something….

Reading other people’s blogs is not helping.  I see all these people that are busy designing, taking beautiful photos, baking, cooking fabulous meals, renovating, painting, scrapping, learning, writing, basically just creating and I feel like I am doing nothing!

I think I am beginning to miss my art classes.  But here is my dilemma, I am not sure if I actually want to go back.  Not because I didn’t enjoy it or anything like that, but it would spend away from Baby OL.  More time away!

I already work 8 hours a day so not seeing her in the evenings would be bad.  Also I want to start sea swimming again. So I need to decide, sea swim or art?

They grow so fast that I don’t want to look back and realise that I have missed so much.  I already run, although at least that is in the mornings, usually before she wakes up.  Urgh!!!  I suppose drawing and painting is something that I could do while she is asleep, but then when would I spend time with Mr OL?  Can somebody please just give me an extra day on the weekend!