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Must be fun to work at a toy store??

Or not

I swear that Toys’R Us has the worst customer service possible. The staff stands around leaning on things talking to each other or looking just plain bored all the time.  If it was not for the fact that I get VERY good discounts through Discovery Vitality I would NEVER set foot in that place again.

Last time I thought perhaps I had just come on a bad day, but this weekend really took the cake.

Does this sound like a bit of a vent? Yes?  Good, because it is.

Normally the staff at the check-outs have their heads on their desks and you actually have to ask them if they are open or if they are asleep. They just look up, rub their eyes and glare at you because you dared to disturb them – oops, sorry. All I wanted to do was pay.

However this Saturday I did not even get to the tills.  I wanted to buy some formula, but they did not have the one that I wanted on the shelf, so I looked around, noticed FOUR people with Toy’s R Us T-shirts leaning on prams or against shelves.  I politely asked them if they worked there but all I got was a glare – uhm….. OK, so I asked again. Still no response except that they looked at each other.  Thankfully somebody else who also worked there happened to walk past.  He said – the customer is talking to you, then he came over and helped me.  He was very nice and went into the store room to check for me.

Then of course I got to the tills and it was the whole palaver all over again. Seriously people!  I do not want to have to tap you on your shoulder to see if you are awake and willing to serve me. Where the HELL is the manager?  Surely he or she should notice that all of his checkout people have their heads in their arms and leaning on their tables. 

Is it just in PE or does this happen at every Toys ‘R us store?

10 thoughts on “Must be fun to work at a toy store??

    1. I know, it was amazing how many people said the temps that worked while the permanent P’nP staff were on strike were so much better!

  1. I’ll know to stay away from them. Don’t have vitality discounts, so no need to bother. The company can start wielding the whip when they feel the customer’s displeasure through their bottomline.

    1. I can’t believe that a manager can let that continue. It is not as if they do it secretly. They are at the tills with their heads on the desks… Crazy!

  2. I would complain – would Hello Peter not help in this situation?

    It is completely unacceptable – luckily i did not need to set foot in their store whilst in PE this year. And now I know not to again.

  3. Pamela, hello peter will only work if the company is “one who responds” – otherwise, useless 🙂 except for the vent, of course.

    I don’t have that at my local ToysRUs – maybe because I’m there all the time and they know me as “the lady with the twins”

  4. They are pretty bad…I experienced the same thing a few weeks ago. The store manager should know that his staff don’t consider their customers as important.

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