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What do you do if the things you expect and what you actually get don’t meet?  Do you adjust your expectations, maybe down grade a bit, perhaps“give up” on what you expect and be happy with what you get?  Or do you keep your expectations and try not to get too disappointed when they are not met?

I don’t think my expectations are too high, but then…. Maybe what I consider normal and what others consider normal differs?

10 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Its so strange that you posted this today. I was considering writing one just like it.

    Personally, I dont think ones expectations could be too high, its what you want/need and that should count and people should respect that! I dont believe you should lower your expectations for anyone – well, unless you are being completely and totally unrealistic!

  2. hmmm, interesting question. I think there’s a difference between expectations and standards.

    You should never lower your standards. Like years ago I bought a Citi Golf new, out of the box, but I wanted a RED one. They kept trying to tell me we have all these colours that you can just drive off the floor RIGHT NOW. I eventually said, “I don’t care if I have to wait 6 months, I want a RED ONE” That’s standards.

    That’s because I believe that if you settle for a black bag when you wanted a brown one, you’ll settle for a husband less than stellar, etc, etc.

    lalalalala … moving on

    Expectations are another kettle of fist. I think we can expect too much of others. That’s my problem too. there are things I don’t put up with like people walking all over me or treating me badly but then again I do expect people to treat me the same as I do them with things like birthdays, when I’m sick, etc. and they don’t. I think those may be a bit unrealistic because I’m always, always disappointed. I don’t know if you were reading my blog in Aug (6th) – I posted on my 36 things and this is one of the things I’m working on this year – to lower my expectations.

    sorry – this is longer than your post!

  3. Marcia – 123, thanks. And yes, Standards and expectations might be confused. Maybe I should work more on being happy than having certain expectations.

    Lynette – harders said than done I….

    Laura – I suppose the trick is working out which is which.

    FD – It can and it does.

  4. so hear you on this one. I didnt lower my expectations, but i also know that they may not be met, and so now try not to have any expectations (of people and how I would like them to be, or how i think they should behave) I also then try to get on with my ‘inner stuff’ without placing to much expectation on other people.
    how are you managing with it?

    1. Not so well, but better than I was. LIke you I am trying not to have expectations. I am now just trying to accpet them as they are, and realise that is just it. Sometimes I succeed and others, well… Its still hard. I do find that I am happier when I just get on with it though.

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