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Step away from the chocolate!!!

Normally when I am anxious or nervous or generally worried about something I lose weight so what the hell is wrong with me at the moment.  I am eating like a horse! 

I have that nervous, anxious feeling in my stomach but instead of feeling nauseous at the sight of food or going for a long run I am trying to get rid of the feeling with chocolate, white bread and basically any other junk that I can lay my hands on!  Not good. 

I need to start exercising again – my knee feels better, so maybe if I go into it slowly this time things would be good. 

This weekend – definitely!!!!

4 thoughts on “Step away from the chocolate!!!

  1. It’s so hard to stick to our diet and exericse reigme this time of year. I always go a little easy on myself. I love the downtime though. Such a great time for a peaceful run!

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