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7 Things…

7 things….. 

Phew, I am not sure what there is that you don’t already know about me.

  1. Like Hayley who gave me this award (Thank you) I love South Africa.  I have lived in 6 different countries and visited quite a few more and still think this one is best!  I am not oblivious to its faults and I not always confident that it is heading in the right direction but I love it anyway.  I love the colour, the vibrancy and the noise.  I love the mountains and the beaches and the open space of the Karroo.  I love the faces, the smiles and the friendly greetings.  I love living here!

  2.  I get bored easily and it is a major problem!  I never stick to one thing, I have no idea what it is that I want to do with my life and by now (38) I really should have some sort of vague clue.  That saying “Jack or all trades but master of none” is very true for me.  I can do a lot of things reasonably well but have not mastered any one thing.  Hmmm…..
  3. I am surprised by how much I am enjoying Baby OL.  I always thought that I would not enjoy the “baby” stage but I love it!  It does help that she is a total little angel and has only woken once in the middle of the night in the past 4 months.  (Please don’t hate me).  She goes to bed at 7 and wakes up around 6 or 7 the following morning.

  4. Different cultures and traditions fascinate me. 
  5. I never thought I would get married. I did not picture it in my future at all.  I never dreamt about meeting that one or spending my life with one person.  I used to fear all forms of commitment and would not even sign a permanent job contract.  I worked as a temp for many years and only had my first permanent job when I was 28.  The job I have now has been my longest @ 3.5 years.  I would not even sign a lease agreement before.  Now I own property, am married and have a baby…   I used to think the Dido song “Life for Rent” pretty much summed up how I lived.  I worry it still does to a degree…

  6.   I have NEVER been on a diet.  If I think that I should maybe on one then I instantly start eating like a horse.  If I feel that I need to lose weight I start to do more exercise.  Usually that helps because I feel healthier and it has a knock on effect, the better I feel the healthier I eat and so on.
  7. When I was 12 I was told by the art teacher at my primary school that I had no artistic talent and art was not a subject that I should take in high school.  Thankfully art was actually a compulsory subject for the first two years while I was at high school and the teacher there was FANTASTIC!!!! She was encouraging and I was even made Art Monitor.  I did however carry the belief that I could not paint and so did not do art as an elective subject when the opportunity arose.  I did thankfully keep drawing and still do.  I even started art classes in 2000 and LOVED it.  Talent or not I now love painting and drawing and have actually sold quite a few of my art works.  It is something I am very proud off.  I am amazed that somebody that is supposed to nurture talent could destroy a child’s confidence like that.  I was even more upset because she said it when I was showing her a picture I was extremely proud of and still remember what it was off.  I now wish I had kept it, but I was so upset I scrunched it up and threw it in the bin. 

So, that is pretty much me.

I  have not tagged anybody, so if you  feel like doing it  please go ahead, just let me know in the comments so I can come and read what you have written (I am curious like that…) (is that No.8?)

6 thoughts on “7 Things…

  1. This is the sort of post I just love the most…the ones that tell us a little bit more about the person behind the blog. You were a stunning bride and I think I told you some time ago that your paintings are very, very good.

  2. Loved reading this! Deffo got to know a bit more about you! Absolutely LOVE your wedding photo – wow – your dress – so unusual and stunning

    I also remember my teacher @ primary school telling me I couldn’t do maths and science, and must do languages (I think I was 8 or something)….. HELLO – here I am in adulthood with an BSc hons – and I LOVE science and research (thats the geek in me)
    Your painting is amazing …. I would buy one. In fact, could I commission one? Am being serious…..

  3. Firstly – I think the reflective/introspective review on one’s life is good. We, as humans, are far to critical on ourselves. There is a considerable list of achievements which we/you simply skip over.
    Ok I got married in a suit – so cannot comment on the dress too much – however it is unique and different to the traditional bulky frilly “excessive” traditional outfits.
    Secondly – the Iron Lady photo – respect – I looked at the time – not really relevant – how many can say that they have done that event? I cannot.
    Thirdly – you are artistic – so much more to the picture than meets the eye – ok I have a macro bug eye – but still – I have seen two vastly different aspects in the picture – if you add the third delusional view of why people might be walking on Mars it is three. Hope that makes sense somehow 🙂

  4. Hey! I have been so awol in blogland and it was lovely to catch up on your blog again.

    Baby OL is so beautiful and its amazing to have watched her grow on fb and here.

    Teachers have the power to create or destroy with their words – am so pleased you managed to push through because you are very clearly extremely talented.

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