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Here is one I made earlier…

This year I decided to give both my Mom and my Mom-in-law each a hand-made Christmas present.  It was Baby OL’s first Christmas so I wanted to give them something with her on it.

A little while ago a saw something on Ashley from Under the Sycamore’s blog (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her blog) that I thought was fantastic, and wanted to give it a try.  I came out better than I could have expected.  I changed it a bit from that light as I put the pictures on the inside and I am so happy with it.

It is light, with photos on it. When you turn the light on you can see the photos through the material.

So here it is – step by step.

Firstly – buy a lamp (or two).  The shades should be white or cream and the sides should be equal in diameter at the top or the bottom.  It can be cone shaped by you are then going to have to play around with cutting the paper to get the angles right.  I’m all for simplicity.

I then printed blank and white (for the one shade) and sepia (for the other) on to vellum which I bought at a paper shop.  I just used the big printer at work and it printed them fantastically.  I believe with ink cartridges you need to be careful it does not smudge so only do one page at a time.

Then cut the pictures to fit, and stick on the inside of the shades.  I used my hot glue gun to stick it down.  A few blisters on my fingers later I realised it would be a LOT easier to take the shade off the stand.  Yip, a bit slow on that one.  Anyway….


That was it.  So easy!!!  At night, when turned on they really look fantastic – and both Grannies were over joyed.


8 thoughts on “Here is one I made earlier…

  1. How very clever!! And gorgeous! Can you buy Vellum anywhere? I am keen to give this a try.
    Altho – the Brit in me has to ask a health and safety question…. Is this not a fire hazard? Hope not, cos I want one x

  2. Kirsty – lol, the Brit in me asked that question too… I gave them to the moms with a stern note that they were not to leave them on when they were not in the room. I also put very low wattage energy saver bulbs in them. I voiced my concern to my father-in-law, who is an electrician and he said not to worry. It would be fine. Those bulbs don’t heat up too much so there would be no problem. I still asked that they don’t leave them on unattended though…

    And I beleive you can get Vellum from most craft shops and scrapbooking places. It is that opaque paper that they use on wedding invitations and stuff.

    Laura – thanks. Yip, it was very easy to do.

  3. Cat – thanks, although unfortunately I can’t take credit for the idea.

    Tara – you are more than welcome to. I did….

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