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Creative people

Wow, there are some creative people out there.

Baby OL went to her first Birtday party and the mommy went all out.  Take a look at the party packs she and her sister made, as well as the little owls they sewed for party favours!  The bar really has been set high – and I have no hope (or intention) or attaining it.

I have an excuse – my sister does not sew….

Party pack and Favour. Soo cute!

At this party Baby OL had her first taste of “junk”  food.  I caved and gave her a Fling.  It was that or keep her from wrestling them out of the mouths of all the other babies around her.  She was not so sure at first but figured it out pretty quickly.

Hmmm, chips!

I think I got the glare that said “and where have these been my whole life….?”

I have been pretty good with what she eats so far, with most of it being home made or organic (Ollie).  I think it is going to be harder as she gets older.


4 thoughts on “Creative people

  1. Shayne – that is what I figured. And shame, all she got was the Flings. The rest of the stuff was “saved” for later (for me to eat).

    FF – I can see how that happens. Thankfully most of my other friends have decided to have “morning tea” and not a party as such. Much more respectable – for my sanity at least.

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