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Banks – dont get me started!!!

Banks amaze and astound me.

I was looking at increasing the loan amount on my bond so went in to the bank to enquire. They said to do that they need proof of income, like a pay slip????  Uhm, ok, that’s all very well and fine but I bank with them. Surely if anyone can see what my income is it is them!  I have had the same bank account since I was 5, that means that for the past 33 years they have been able to see what my income is!  Nope, that is not good enough, they need a recent pay slip! They can’t do anything without a pay slip! 


But while I was there I figured I would find out about reducing my bank charges.  I found out that I am on the standard rate, but then you also get a discounted rate…. So unless I had enquired I would not know or get it. Surely if they can offer a discounted rate when you enquire, they should just offer that as a practice.  Apparently not!

Oh well, at least I got one more thing done on my 2011 to do list!


6 thoughts on “Banks – dont get me started!!!

  1. Well, let’s put it this way.
    What if you were trying to fool the bank into lending you money by pretending that the amount you put into your account each month was your salary, but you’d actually lost your job in July last year?
    That would be bad debt, which the bank would eventually probably have to write off and which would mean that they couldn’t offer discounted fees to people who asked nicely.

  2. It appears that the homeloan dept of the bank don’t talk to the banking side of the bank. Crazy! We went through the same thing last year when we bought an extra property.

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