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On a break…

There will not be much of anything happening around here for a while.

No baking, no sewing, no cooking…. Pretty much nothing – why

Because this arrived on Thursday!!!

Amazon Kindle


Amazon Kindle - with 1st book loaded and ready to read

11 thoughts on “On a break…

  1. So exciting!

    I got mine for Christmas – which is one of the reasons why I have also been so quiet.

    And today… my new BlackBerry arrived – so now I am going to be even more scarce!!!

  2. lol, mine was also for Christmas but arrived late. I got my blackberry just before chirstmas….. Yip, might explain why I have not been around much.


  3. I don’t think Kindle is going to work in our household. I read a book, then pass it on to my hubby. From there it goes to my mom, dad and sister and then to my in-laws. Then we either keep or donate it to a township library. So just in our family 8 people read it and from there on who knows?

    But it looks so nice…!

  4. It is awesome.

    If you bought more than one kindle you could put them all to one account and then you can “share” books. You only need to buy the book once. You cant hand it over to somebody that is not linked to your account though. You can link up to 6 devices to one account. You can also download the Kindle application from Amazon (free) and then just pay for the books that you download. It works for computers, iPads, iPhones etc. Books are cheaper this way and books older than 1923 are $2:00 or cheaper (if you lived in the States they would be free).

    1. I agree – I was undecided but figured I wanted this too read, and then the kindle was better. It is not like reading on a screen as it is no back lit or anything. I think although the iPad does have the Kindle application it is bulkier so you probably won’t carry it with everywhere. I want to wait till the iPad comes out with a camera, and then……

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