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I cannot believe that I have a baby that is about to be 1.  I still feel like I am just borrowing her for a bit which, in a way, I suppose I am because soon she will be all grown up and moved out.  Or at least with the speed at which the past year has gone it seems like that.

I must say that I have LOVED this first year.  A whole lot more than I thought I would.   I have never really been a baby person.  I always said I would be happy if somebody else could take the baby for the 1st 2 years and then I would take over but not anymore.  I have really enjoyed her as a baby and I am sure I will say that with each stage and each age. 

Although if she is anything like I was as a teenager I might not be saying it about that age.  Let’s hope that is one age where she does not take after me…..

At the moment we are trying to teach her to blow out.  For two reasons, 1stly I want her to blow out the candle on her cake in a fortnight’s time, and secondly I want her to learn to blow bubbles in the bath or pool.  She is not quite getting it right but she looks so cute trying. She puts her mouth it an O shape and then blows and sucks and kind of makes a whistling sounds. Very sweet.

She is going to hate me when she is older for posting this photo – but then as a teenager she will probably hate me anyway..

She loves to lick glass, the windows, mirrors or the fridge.  Her is a picture of her while we were out in the garden and she was watching us.


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