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Continental Drift

It is happening quicker than I thought…

Last night I manage to watch a bit of the News before swopping over to watch Grey’s.  Normally I don’t bother, well except for the weather which they normally get wrong anyway.  But I am glad I did, if only from a purely comical point of view.

Last night while showing footage of the fires raging around Perth, Australia the SABC decided, just for those people who weren’t too sure where Perth was, to put a map of Australia on the screen.  All very nice.  It had Africa on the one side and Australia on the other – they got that part right although distance and scale might have been a bit out.  They even had a marker showing Sydney – I think just so that people could see where Perth was in relation to it.  Yip, not that far way, just across the Tasmanian straight by all accounts. 

Yes, on the SABC 3 News they had Perth in the wrong place.  Actually on the wrong island.  Even funnier still was I phoned up to let them know and well, the guy that answered the phone sounded very confused.  I was beginning to think that maybe he had drawn the map.  At one stage he apologized and said (his words)  I fluffed it, I fluffed it, sorry I do understand, it is in the wrong place.”  I said yes it was. 

Then as I was about to hang up he said “thank you for calling you are the third person to call about this.”   

6 thoughts on “Continental Drift

  1. Unbelievable! A while back one of the US TV stations showed South Africa (as if the name doesn’t give you a clue!) in South America. No wonder people are getting more and more stupid!

  2. I can’t decide what’s the most sad.

    1. That they put it Perth in the wrong place.
    2. That you actually called and told them, or
    3. That only two others did the same.

    Fox News managed to put Egypt on the wrong continent the other day:

    (That’s Iraq, by the way).

  3. Hanlie – I had friends staying in the USA in 1993 and somebody asked them if South Africa was near South Carolina….. She just said yes.

    FF – I know, I’m sad like that. In the end all I could do was laugh though.

    6000 – lol. At least they got the continent right, even if it was the wrong island.

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