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Valentines anyone?

So who is doing what for Valentine’s Day?

I’ll tell you what I did tomorrow…. Just in case Mr OL decided today is the day he is going to start reading my blog.


6 thoughts on “Valentines anyone?

  1. Well, when S and I got up this morning, I very nicely asked him if he wanted to organise a babysitter and go out for supper or something, his response went somewhat along the lines of:

    “What for? We have pies in the freezer that we can make!”

    So I am guessing my night is going to consist of pies and TV?

    Hopefully Mr OL will spoil you tonight!

  2. lol – nope, he does not believe in Valentine’s Day. But I have decided to ignore that and do something for him anyway.

  3. Unfortunatly it did not go to plan. I can’t keep a secret to told him that I had ordered sushi from his favourite place – and was really excited.

    All I can say about the rest of the evening is that VALENTINES DAY SUCKS!

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