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Extreme Bootcamp – ouch!

I am stiff and sore and love the feeling.  I have not felt like this in AGES!!!!

I have been really slack lately about exercising; I have run a few times but nothing major so I decided to join an exercise program. This is not normally I would do, but thought that maybe if it was dedicated class I would actually attend. 

I found Extreme Bootcamp online and thankfully the times and the location really suit me.  I can do it in the mornings before Baby OL wakes up and if I am feeling really energetic I could run there (and probably walk back.  And it is held outdoors so perfect for a gym avoidance bunny like me.

I went for the first time on Wednesday morning and BOY!!!!! I am useless at those kinds of exercises… pushups, jumping jacks, crunches….. Not my normal style.  I am now stiff and sore in places that I did not even know could get stiff and sore.   I mean who knew I actually had ab muscles – hidden granted but they must be there because today they are ACHING!

 I am reminded of a comedian I saw on TV a few months ago.  He said why should he go gym to find muscles that he did not know he had.  If he did not know they were there he clearly does not need them.


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