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Bugs and Butterflies

The theme of Baby OL’s first Birthday party was bugs and butterflies.

I really enjoyed doing it, but wow it was hard work.  I think next time I might buy more and make less.  Although I probably won’t – I love making stuff.

Decor and Party packs


For the decorations I made a garland of tissue flowers.  It was soooo easy and I think it looked great.  I found out how to do it here.  I will be using that idea again.  For the party packs I found little buckets and then cut out green paper to make the grass and then printed pictures of bugs and butterflies which I stuck to the bucket.  I also put a flower on the top with the kid’s name on it. 

Iced Sugar biscuits and cupcakes


Yes, I fed my addiction to icing sugar biscuits – and I am really happy with the way these turned out.  Much better in real life than in my photos.  The red wass actually really red not the funny colour that it looks on these pictures.  I had a lot of fun icing these but am sure that any proffesional icers would be having heartfailure about now.  I do realise where I went wrong though.  The consistancy of my icing was not quite right, it was not runny enough to flood properly, but so what!  I also used a subsitute for egg whites as these were for children I did not want them getting sick from eating raw egg whites.  It worked well and all I can say is they are YUMMY!  Actually they were yummy. They are now finished.

The icing on my cupcakes is cream cheese icing. 

The inchworm cake

I used the same cream cheese icing to cover the cake.

Opening presents

14 thoughts on “Bugs and Butterflies

  1. Hmmm, i seem to remember a post by someone saying that they were never going to compete/keep up with the expectations of a kiddies party???

    You did a sterling job. Well done. Looks divine xx

    1. uh, cough, cough splutter. Looks down abashed…. Yip, I might have gotten just a bit carried away 🙂 Once i started though I was having so much fun that I just kept going.

  2. gorgeous!( i am still in pondering stage for beans birthday and its only half a month away… eeek!)

    love the cake, v cute, and have to admit to that last photo tickling me pink, she looks too beautiful , full of curiosity.

  3. *hanging head in shame* my poor kids must never see your or Shaynes or Kirstys blogposts about parties and decor!!

    Pam – this is simply GORGEOUS, well done!

  4. Thanks all. It was lots of fun to do. And although I know she had no idea what it was about I would do it again…
    Now I need to start thinking about what to do for her 2nd Birthday

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