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A bit of early morning motivation!

This morning I had a huge fight – with myself.

My lazy ass self was trying to convince my active self to stay in bed. That getting out of bed at 4:30am to go and torture myself at Extreme Bootcamp was just stupid and lying in bed an extra couple of hours was a much better plan.

Luckily my active self’s argument was a lot better and we got motivated and got up.  It went something like this – once you get there you’ll love it, it is a beautiful morning and you love getting up early. And you feel better all day and you actually believe you can see your tummy shrinking if you go.  Remember how great you felt on Monday!!!

My lazy ass self was not falling for these arguments easily but eventually gave in and while lying gasping for breath, grumbling away after the 4th set of pushups and squats had to agree that getting up, although much more painful, was worth it. 

My active self’s concession was that we would take the car there and not run there and back.  Believe me after the session even my active self was thinking that the car had been a much better option.


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